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We would like to Introduce “AMMEX OFFICE SOLUTION PVT. LTD.” one of the fastest Rising Organizations was established in 2017 as a Office Solution provider for all Office Automation Products & Services Problems. We are Authorized Dealer Sales & Service Provider of Ricoh India Limited and HP for DELHI & NCR Territory for Ricoh/HP’s range of Products i.e. Digital Photocopier, Multi function Device, Fax Machine, LCD Projector, Laser Printer, Scanners & their Spare Parts & Consumables, As a professional company we understand the value for money As well as the importance for prompt and qualitative services for today’s necessities, we have a team of sales professionals whose job is not just to sell but to help the customer to go for the right, economical & best products as per their current & future requirement. We also have a team of Professionally Qualified Engineers trained by Ricoh India Limited and HP equipped with latest tools & fast consumed spare parts, all engineers are having Bike & Mobile Phones to provide fast & prompt services. We are having a client base of more than 550 satisfied customers Government and corporate in Delhi and NCR, In case you are not satisfied with your existing service provider, try us and you will feel the deference standards, cost of service & cost of consumable’s used by you.

We look forward for a favorable reply and assure you that if given a chance, we will provide you the best of our service‘s up to your entire satisfaction, Assuring you of our best services and professional attention at all times We welcome you for any kind queries/clarifications regarding the techno-commercial aspects; please feel free to contact us.


The customer today is flooded with various choices and becoming increasingly difficult for them to take the right
decision. At AOSPL it becomes our duty fully understand the system and design a new system that provides solutions
to the problems.
AOSPL is responsible for the satisfaction of our clients’ needs and we meet the highest standards that our clients expect from us. Our successful track records in providing services to our clients have helped us to get new clients and
also keep our customers satisfied. The size and the organization structure make it possible for us to better services whether small or big, and respond to our client’s present as well as future needs.
We have professionals to look into every aspect to office automation/solutions needs of our clients. to provide one stop solution to the expanding needs of the clients. Our staff is committed.
To provide the right solution to the problems we at AOSPL guarantee professional service at the right price and request you to give us a chance to prove ourselves, so that your organization gains the competitive edge and your work place
become the most preferred place.


Dear Customer,
Change is the only constant factor, in today’s fast changing world. Organizations are
Working hard to cut down the cost and provide better quality services to the customers. Liberalization and globalization have added new impetus to this change.
Organization are working with the believe that MONEY SAVED IS MONEY EARNED Recognizing this need organization arte looking better services in lesser price.
We at ‘AOSPL’ to meet this need of the customer are providing quality services at reasonable price compare to existing
high price compare to existing high prices for the same services. Recognizant this needs to redesign the business, provide quality services, so that our client may concentrate on their core strength. Our team is a group of quality professionals and provides various areas

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150BUSD Profit

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